Revealed At The Edge—A Breathtaking, 30-Day Photographic Journey

Allison Davis looking at photos for her book Revealed at the Edge

What will be revealed as we push ourselves to the edge? What will we discover about ourselves and the world when pushed to our limits? What will we find if we look over that edge? These are questions that award-winning wedding photographer, Allison Davis, mulled over as she embarked on a thirty-day photographic journey up and down the American West Coast.

Fueled by passion and an abundance of time thanks to the global pandemic, Davis embraced the possibility of openness—allowing life to reveal to her what she needed to see, hear, and embrace.

Revealed at the Edge is her story. It’s her 560 page fine art photography coffee table book, her debut collection, her baby, and her labor of love. It’s her passion poured into pages of carefully-captured images paired intentionally with journal entries from the road.

And now, the book has launched on Kickstarter, ready for its pages to be flipped through and the journey to be taken by anyone who opens the cover.

When asked about the drive behind Revealed at the Edge, Davis shares that she prayed about the time she had and she could be intentional in using it. Her goal was to make something meaningful, especially as the pandemic had stopped her wedding photography business and her primary source of not only income but passion had now been stripped.

“My whole quest was just to seek what I could find at the edge,” Davis shares, “What would be revealed to me by pursuing beauty, by spending time with God, by spending time in creation?”

With a car, a camera, and a dream, she set off with the goal of capturing all that she could—amidst COVID-19, amidst isolation and quarantine mandates, and amidst the California wildfires raging up and down the coast. In fact, one of the most remarkable aspects of Davis’ collection is that her images share the authenticity of the month-long journey—everything from the jagged coastline edges to the misty layer of smoke from the dying fires.

“It’s really easy, as a photographer, to take pictures on a really beautiful day,” Davis shares, “I love that I was challenging myself to pursue beauty, and pursue ‘pretty’ in unideal circumstances.

And that’s what this book is: it’s this pursuit of beauty.”

Revealed At The Edge—A Breathtaking, 30-Day Photographic Journey
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