Rewriting The Mind: Reclaim Your ‘Wildest’ Dream

Rewriting The Mind

At some point in our lives, many of us will be struck by something or afflicted by a feeling so devastating that it changes everything. We face the thought of our future and every dream we have envisioned for it and suddenly it is as if we have no control. We are blinded by the light of the unknown, seeing only a distorted, anxiety-ridden glimpse into what could be or rather what will never be. We find ourselves indulging into reductive and often baseless assumptions that box us into categories we do not deserve to be caged into.

If this is where you are now or perhaps where you have already been, you are not alone.

Yes, it is no solo journey – despite how lonely it may feel – to be faced with strife and believe that your fate is already written for you. Many of the worlds inhabitants are struggling with some form of mental illness or trauma response that seeks to tell them they can no longer be who they wish to be.

I – someone who has spent many years in this state – wish to tell you otherwise.

It is possible to struggle while also succeeding and continuing to let your dreams thrive as reality. You know that dream you loved the idea of so much? That ideal career or the state of living that you so deeply desire? Claim it back. Claim back the dream you call wild and rename it inevitable. 

We live on a planet in a universe of many, amongst a plethora of inexplicable moments and astounding phenomena. There are so many things that routinely tell us that nothing is at seems and that with the eyes we were born with, we oversimplify and restrict our capabilities as humans.

Later on, in more installments of this new column – Rewriting The Mind – I want to inspire you to think differently about the ways we let our mental struggles define our strength. For now, however, just close your eyes and imagine the greatest outcome for your life. Don’t think about the greatest outcome, as defined by the current circumstances in your present life, just imagine what you truly want to feel, to be and to see. Then store it neatly in a pocket of your brain where it will not take over the whole focus, but where it will keep your legs moving. 

When it comes to really believing that we can be everything we want to be, we have to strike the right balance between dreaming and encouraging the world to guide us.

Because, whatever your beliefs, there is always something else guiding us and pushing us along. Whether you think of a God, planetary alignment or the blow of the wind, give it the power to take part in your journey and claim the other half. Understanding our power is as much about defining the things we so deeply believe we want, while also trusting in our guide to put us in front of things we need.

As you stare into the mirror and judge what you see, let me remind that your lens is subjective and is always open to correction.

Be reminded that every thing you once called finite has a tender moment of flexibility that allows your bend it just enough to make sense of it all. Be reminded that the glass that reflects your image cannot tell what strength exists underneath your skin and bone. Stand proud with eyes closed and see yourself for the first time. Here you take your next steps toward the growth you deserve to experience. 

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Rewriting The Mind: Reclaim Your ‘Wildest’ Dream
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