Editing Services

editing services

Editing Services, Marisa Donnelly, Be A Light Collective

Editing isn't just red pen marks - it personal.

Editing services encompass everything from review for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes to an in-depth read through of a full-length book. 

We organize our services by editing type in order to make things easier. If you don’t see something specific, or are confused how to categorize your project, please send us an email.

At Be A Light Collective, we pride ourselves on what we call the ‘be a light’ difference. Instead of just being an editor that returns work with red pen comments, we make sure to give you valuable feedback that will help you learn.

We also strive to build relationships with our clients because you can find an editor anywhere – but can you find someone who’s invested in you? Here you can.

How long is your content? Start with word count. Then think about how often you’ll need services. If you think you might have ‘too much’ content, then it might make more sense to order an editing package!

If you’re confused, don’t be afraid to set up your free consultation and we can figure it out together!

fully personal & project-based

Everyone is working on different things. Regardless of whether this is a college application essay or quick email draft, we have different and personalized services to help you with what you need.

flexible and as-needed options

We don't want to lock you into a contract or commitment. When it comes to our services, you have options to purchase our (affordable!) services on an as-needed basis.

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