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Be A Light - Editing Services

Be A Light - Editing Services

You can find an editor anywhere. Open a browser, do a quick search, and you’ll find someone who can help with editing in minutes. But when it comes to content that’s extremely important to you, or close to your heart, you want someone who’s not only going to find and fix every error, but care about what you have to say. 

You want an editor who won’t just hand your manuscript back with red marks, but sit down with you and go through every correction. Someone who takes the time to not only read your work with attention to detail, but seek your perspective and thoughts.

True editing goes beyond making adjustments and sending you on your way. It’s about building a relationship, it’s about finding someone you can trust. Our editing goals are to provide personalized and constructively critical feedback alongside you. We offer live edits where you can track changes along with us, as well as calls/video chats to discuss progress. Regardless of your occupation or industry, we will take your writing skills to the next level.

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