Be A Light - Tutoring

Whether you’re three or ninety-three, we are fully equipped and excited to tutor you. Our tutoring services can assist with anything related to English/ESL, Reading, Writing, or Language Arts. (For other content areas/specific inquiries please send us an email.) Our staff is backed by the teaching credentials and certifications in the state of California. We promise to provide the knowledge-based, and in-depth instruction you need, with a friendly and fun approach.

Tutoring services are available for all ages, and both locally (San Diego area) as well as remote (through internet and video chat services). Our clients reside all over the world and love the personalized, positive experience through Be A Light!

Whether you’re looking for supplemental education or serious study in a specific topic or area, we can help you gain the mastery of whatever you’re struggling with. We look forward to serving you.

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For specific inquiries, please send us an email.
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