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Do you feel stuck in your writing career, longing to find workshops and courses that really inspire you? Are you constantly measuring yourself to the people around you, wondering what your voice is, or how you can stand apart from the crowd? Are you struggling to write with confidence? Do you find yourself throwing away page after page, discouraged? Do you face Writer’s Block more than you’d like to admit?

You are a writer. And it’s time to start believing in that again.

Be A Light workshops and courses welcome an exclusive community of writers and creators working, brainstorming, and growing together. Our workshops are on a variety of subjects, backed by strategies, activities, and in-depth instruction proven to develop writers and their craft.

We host classes both in person and online, and our coursework (based on collegiate level classes, but modified for every individual enrolled) will give you the inspiration, skills, and confidence you so desperately need.

If you’re looking for community in a relaxed, immersive, and personable environment, then this is the place for you.


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