Workshops & Courses

Fully immersive instruction alongside a supportive community.

individual & group options

We offer group classes + workshops (online and in-person), as well as custom-created individual courses to meet each client's goals and needs.

in-person or online

Are you located in Southern California? Then we would love to see you in person for our courses and (coming soon!) local workshops! If not, that works, too. Let's meet online!

flexible scheduling

Our individual courses can be scheduled at your convenience and sessions are offered both in-person and online for even more flexibility!
You can learn from anywhere.

educationAL & fun

Our founder is a certified teacher and coach. She has 10+ years of experience leading workshops, courses, and events. You'll learn AND have fun!

What our clients say

“I absolutely love the course Marisa Donnelly created for me. Not only was I challenged, but it was so specific to the things I’m working on in my post-college job search. I was given so much information for writing cover letters, building my professional writing, and even reaching out via email to potential employers. Marisa excels with both creative and academic pursuits and I would HIGHLY recommend a course of hers to anyone.” — Annabelle C.

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