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If you are looking for a passionate and articulate writer to strengthen SEO, brand voice, and engagement, you’ve come to the *write* place.

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Whether you’re looking for a passionate and articulate writer to drive readers to your page, a lead voice to strengthen SEO and audience reach, or writing that’s vulnerable and emotional on a specific topic, we offer branded content writing services that are invaluable to you or your business.

Our founder, Marisa Donnelly, is a content writer and creator with over ten years of experience publishing articles and features on prominent websites and journals. She has bylines at major publications, including Huffington Post, Bustle, For Every Mom, Her View From Home, Thought Catalog, and more. She has also written content and email templates/newsletters for brands, businesses, and clients all over the world.

Marisa specializes in identifying brand voice and putting together writing that engages, celebrates, and makes readers think. She can be hired for a variety of services and projects, including custom blog posts/features for your site (or one of her high-traffic pages or social media sites). She also works with a publicist to help push your branded content in front of as many viewers as possible.

Here are a few branded content options. If there’s something more specific you’re looking for, please contact us and we will put her directly in touch with you!

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Branded Content

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