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At Be A Light Collective, we believe that editing goes beyond finding a skilled eye to view your work; it’s also about developing a relationship with an editor you can trust.
Please select an option from the dropdown to view prices. If you’re interested in individual prices for long-form content, or for custom packages, please contact us.
*PS: If you don’t want an option from each of the dropdowns, select ‘None’ to see individual prices.

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Powerful editing goes beyond finding a skilled eye to look at your work. When you’re searching for good editing services, you want to develop a relationship with an editor you can trust. At Be A Light Collective, we value relationships, and thus our services center on building connections in addition to helping you achieve your goals.
We offer different editing services based on length and type, as well as the style of edits desired: proofreading, content, or line edits. Services assist with everything from long to short-form: books, essays, papers, projects, websites, social media content, and more.

  • Proofreading Services: This is the final readthrough for errors on your content: spelling, grammar, language, syntax, etc. This is perfect if you need another set of eyes on your work, or if you want to ensure your piece is ready for publication. (Desired content should be final draft or close.)
  • Content Editing Services: This type of editing focuses on the overall message, purpose, and theme. Your editor will break down your work into sections and give you depth feedback about each part and whether it fits or is working thematically within the whole.
  • Line Editing Services: This is a step-by-step, line-by-line type of editing that attacks everything from small errors in grammar and punctuation to thematic cohesiveness. This is the ‘part AND whole’ style of editing to ensure that your content is powerful, engaging, and saying exactly what you want it to say.

Short-Form Content Editing: This is best for short creative or professional work. For example, if you need edits on website blogs or pages or even something tiny like an email draft. To see a list of options, check out the Short-Form Content dropdown.
Long-Form Content Editing: This is for content over 5K words. Please contact for price.
Editing Packages: We offer editing services on a monthly rate to allow for the cohesiveness of style, tone, and voice. Use the dropdown to select what package works for you.
For any questions or custom editing packages, please send us an email or browse our founder’s website to learn more. If you want something more in-depth, you can view our coaching packages right here.

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Editing Services & Packages

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