The Single Person’s Guide To A Great Social Life

guide to great social life

Whether you’ve been single for a while now or you’re nursing some recent heartache, it can feel as though relationships are constantly being thrown in your face. From tables designed for two, to the expectation that you’ll always do things as a ‘pair’ . . . It’s no wonder we often feel like hibernating just to avoid feeling lonely.

BUT, while it may feel easy at times to wallow in being alone, there is the other option—and that’s to thrive alone!

Being single gives you the opportunity to do the things you really want to do and enjoy experiences without someone else holding you back. Once you begin to embrace your single life, you’ll discover just how much fun it can be. 

Here’s the unofficially-official Single’s Guide To A Great Social Life:

Take Time To Build A Routine

Regardless of how long you’ve been in a relationship, shifting to being single can be a challenge. And even more so if you were with that partner for the long-term or lived with him/her. That being said, building a routine is not only a healthy way to cope, but it can help you feel more regulated, positive, and confident in your new stage of life.

  • Start with your health – Create a sustainable diet, create gym or fitness rituals, and prioritize time outside of the house.
  • Pursue your passions – And build time for doing something fun and/or creative each week.
  • Prioritize your wellbeing – Meaning go to the doctor, pursue those unanswered questions, and do what makes YOU feel good.

Say ‘Yes’ To As Much As Possible

Sometimes a breakup can make us feel dysregulated. Things that we used to find joy in just aren’t the same without our ‘person,’ or, we want to avoid places we previously frequented to keep from running into him/her. If that’s where you are, try to embrace the newness by saying ‘yes’ to new experiences, moments, events, etc.

You don’t have to go back to the same places or be around the same people (at least not all the time). Instead, explore a new club or group, join a class, attend a local event, or push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed what you discover about yourself and who you meet along the way.

PS: Remember that saying ‘yes’ allows you to be more spontaneous. . . which, in the long run, is good for you!

Plan Trips (Solo Or With Loved Ones)

Being single frees you from a lot of responsibilities, which leaves you with a great excuse to travel! Go on those trips that you’ve always wanted to go on, but money, finances, schedules, or time held you back from! Although traveling may feel scary at times (especially if you are thinking about going alone), putting that first step towards your dreams will be worth it.

PS: Use resources like Plane Ahead, which helps you to book cheaper travel in order to make your trips more affordable!

Give To Others

One of the best ways to move on, heal a broken heart, and focus on something besides your emptiness is to give. When we give of our time, resources, and passion, we realize that we have so much to be thankful for! This pushes us out of self-pity and into healing. It also is valuable way to support our communities and people around us.

Prioritize Other Relationships

The best thing about being single is that you shift away from romantic relationships and realize how blessed you are to have so many other amazing people in your life! Invest in time with loved ones, from parents to siblings, friends to acquaintances you’ve been meaning to connect with. Making time for these types of connections will help you realize what you’ve potentially missed while being so focused on your love life.

Finally, Be (A Little) Selfish

Being single means you have the opportunity to embrace your social life, do things for you, and worry less about what others think! If there was ever a time to prioritize yourself. . . this is it! As you get to know who you are (without someone else) you’ll be better apt to heal, pursue your passions, shift your direction, and eventually find the right person when you’re ready.

Enjoy being single; it’s not as bad as you think!

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The Single Person’s Guide To A Great Social Life
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