There Is Hope, Even In Heartbreak

peaceful woman staring at camera

The pain of heartbreak is the type of pain one never forgets. For those who have suffered, it truly feels like an open wound. Vulerable, in pain, longing for recovery. It’s a feeling that runs through the veins, cuts like a knife, and damages the innocence you once possessed.

Heartbreak is more than just losing someone, it’s also losing a part of yourself, the hopeful part of yourself that held onto the belief of true love.

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This Is What Happiness Looks Like

happy man smiling in front of brick wall

For such a long period of time, I used to think that happiness was a state that you had to reach. I used to pressure myself every time I had those down moments, unhappy, and distasteful about my life. I used to hate myself in those moments where I didn’t feel happy or I didn’t have a smile on my face.

But now, I fully understand that happiness is a strength. It is a practice of choosing to see the better sides of any circumstance.

Because when you do that, you are now stepping into the zone of gratefulness—and that is the ultimate state of happiness.

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The Beauty Of Moving Forward

happy woman walking down road

Move forward.

Those are the words you hear when you tell people close to you that your heart is breaking. You feel like dying after letting it all out, and yet that’s all you hear from them. Move forward. But truthfully, you must take time to speak and believe those words. One day, you will see how moving forward lifts you from a moment of hopelessness to happiness.

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