To My Son: Thank You

woman holding her son by beach

My Son,

Before you were born. I saw you in my dream and I sang a song for you. The song went something like this, “Baby, baby, eyes so blue, don’t you worry I love you.”. When you were born, your beautiful blue eyes amazed me and I knew you were the boy in my dream.

The beauty you brought into my life was stunning. I felt like a light was planted in my heart. And no matter what went wrong, that light burned bright.

When we went to the park it was tough keeping up with you. You would slide down the slides, falling and bouncing back up. Sometimes, you would suddenly decide to hide and leave me panicking to try finding you. I remember taking afternoon naps beside you and it calms my heart because you would fall asleep so peacefully before listening to the end of a story. It’s admirable that as you grew up, your strengths and qualities grew with you too. Laughter is brighter because of you and I’m so grateful to you, my son.

We were harmonists together with our daily schedule. When we watched your favourite evening T.V show “Goosebumps;” we were clueless how affected we were by it. The suspense would leave us at the edge of our seats. When I look back at those days, I appreciate you even more.

Thank you for having patience with me and for having so much in common with me.

It’s beautiful being your mother.

Whenever I tickled you, you made expressions that were unforgettable. You were determined to get away and looked so frightened, fighting to get away from being attacked with tickles. For that reason, the game was named ‘Tickle Monster.’ I fondly look back at the times you played ‘Tickle Monster’ with your siblings when I wasn’t well. Thank you.

You generously welcomed your siblings into your arms and your heart. It’s impressive that you are thoughtful toward them but, at the same time, you can give them a piece of your mind.

Thank you, for being a unique inspiration. 

You face each new challenge with natural strength and resiliency. I like that you deal with life in your own unique, faithful and dedicated way. You are a positively motivating person. You have a sense of humour that can lift away a bad mood. It’s hilarious that you can drive your siblings crazy when you are joking around with them and they get mad at me because I cannot resist laughing.

I’m so happy that you challenge me and remind me to keep up my spirit, faith and sportsmanship. Thank you, for bringing laughter and touching hearts.

I love being your mother and being a kid at heart with you, practically growing with you too. When we met your first basketball coach, one of the first things he said was, “Where have you been all my life?” I thought I would ask the same thing because you are the type of person that anyone would be lucky to know.

I love you with all my heart.

Thank you, for being the first life of the party in the family. And thank you for allowing everyone else to become their own people. I’m so proud and grateful to be blessed with you for a son. You are the most beautifully influential person in my life and I will be forever grateful for that.

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To My Son: Thank You

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