15 Tips For Anyone Wanting To Become A Writer

tips for anyone wanting to become a writer

Powerful tips for anyone wanting to be a writer. How could I refuse to write and focus on this topic? Not even two months ago, I journaled these exact words to myself: If you’ve always dreamed of being the next Rosamunde Pilcher, Nora Roberts and even Barbara Taylor Bradford, try to incorporate a journaling discipline in your routine to see the magic you can create.

The uncanny synchronicities always present themselves so perfectly.

If you’re thinking of becoming a writer here are some tips:

  1. Read all the damn things. It is the most important part of writing. It exposes you to amazing ideas. Read. Read. Read.
  2. Write consistently. Don’t let your stories die unseen or unread.
  3. Practice and sharpen your writing skills.
  4. Keep writing. Write as much as possible.
  5. Don’t give up. The journey of writing requires great emotional courage, stubborn perseverance and uninterrupted faith.
  6. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to write, edit and submit to publications. The worst thing they can do is to ignore your submission. Others will say “Better luck next time.” And after time, some will say “Congratulations, your submission is accepted!”
  7. When readers criticize you, it’s not always fun to be on the receiving end. But be grateful for the wake-up call. Oftentimes, there is a lesson in an unpleasant message. Not all readers will give positive comments. So, respect their opinions and learn to admire their understanding.  It’s okay to get upset but be sure to feel better after that.  Always learn how to defuse negative comments. 
  8. To those readers who believe in you, bless them. Keep writing for some sort of motivation.
  9. Turn critics’ comments into compliments. A simple shift in perspective goes a long way.
  10. Be diligent in editing. There’s a saying about carpenters: Measure twice and cut once.” When you cut the wood in a wrong way, you don’t get a second chance. This is a constant reminder to you as a writer to double-check your words. When you write, always speak with all sincerity. Always try to be more conscious of the words you write.
  11. Focus on yourself. Don’t compare where you are to others. This is your journey.
  12. Don’t put another writer down. It’s not a competition. 
  13. Always make a difference. Think about how your words can help others. Always leave a trace, an imprint and a lasting impact on the lives of other people.
  14. Write something that inspires you because this will inspire your readers, too. Reflect your deepest shade of emotions on the page to make others think.
  15. Write something meaningful. Write something that gives your readers an embrace that warms their cold hearts, words that enter their souls and alter their emotions.


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15 Tips For Anyone Wanting To Become A Writer
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