What Type Of Marketing Does Your Business REALLY Need?

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A business will often live and die based purely on the marketing strategy that is put in place and how effective it is (or isn’t). This is why it’s important to understand the answer to the question: “What type of marketing does my business really need?” Here are a few examples of some marketing tips and tools, why they’re important, and why you should potentially consider shifting your strategy.


First, you should think about using the services of an SEO agency. With the help of a professional in this area, you can ensure that your business has the best chance of rising to the top of the organic results. 

One of the biggest myths about SEO is that it is one-service or solution. In reality, this is not the case. Instead, SEO is an umbrella term that covers the use of a lot of different tactics which all tend to work together to deliver the right results overall. 


Arguably just as important as SEO is PPC (Pay Per Click). Pay Per Click refers to inorganic marketing methods that occur through the Search Engine Results Pages (also known as “SERPs” or “SERP”), which are Google’s automatic response to a search. PPC also refers to the sponsored links that will often be displayed on the side or at the top of the results page.

People often assume that these pages are ignored completely. However, that’s not the case. In reality, polls suggest that 30% of users online may click on the sponsored results before navigating the inorganic results. That’s a massive chunk of the audience that you’re missing if you don’t utilize PPC marketing.

Brand Management 

In order to better understand brand management, you need to know how to handle negative press. There will always be people out there who try to bring your business down. Negative reviews can impact your company in such a way that you lose customers. As many as 80% of customers will check out company reviews before shopping there. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you do respond to reviews the right way and send a positive message. 

Social Media 

Social media is one of the biggest forms of marketing there is for your company. If you have stayed away from it for personal reasons, then this is going to need to end. It can be daunting putting your pride and joy out there on social media. You never know what reception you are going to receive. Marketing can work out to be expensive, however, many forms of social media are free to use. You have to be careful though. On Facebook, for instance, they will ban you if you use too many specific words. It will also help to know your target audience. Knowing this will give you a better idea of which sites to use.

Hopefully this helps you answer the question of what marketing tools and resources your business really needs. By getting these pieces right, you can avoid a situation where your marketing strategy is behind some of key competitors who are vying for the interest of the same audience as you. 


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What Type Of Marketing Does Your Business REALLY Need?
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