Unicorn Blood

woman with red over her face, unicorn blood

Remember when you called me your unicorn?
After the fact.
After I’d left.
Pushed out of the life I was ready to have.
Remember when you called me that?
I  do.
I’ll never forget.
Drunk in the back of a truck,
trying to forget you were real.
Each bump in the road a constant reminder that you were. 

And then,
you sent a text.
A message, to me.
Paralyzing my body,
My eyes unable to blink. 

It was long.
Read with hunger, swallowed hole.
Every word sending jolts through my veins.
Every new sentence reaching for my lungs through the page. 

But I knew,
it was too late.
My heart held on, as my mind told me never again.
My memory screening the movie of our past,
To remind me.
To take me back. 

I  remembered,
The way I had lost myself to you.
The way I had barely just found myself again.

Remember when you called me your unicorn?
Because I’ll never forget,
The gift you gave me that day. 

No, not the gift of being the one that got away.
Not the gift of being called anything,
by you. 

The gift of being my own.
Of understanding my importance and
Rejecting your hold.
The gift of being able to say no. 

It took me a while to understand, 
How you could have possibly believed that words were just words.

But then it dawned on me
Why you needed me

A unicorn’s blood, keeps weak men alive.
And you, my love, were barely breathing.

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Unicorn Blood

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