4 Ways To Update Your Home On A Budget

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If you want to update your home, you have to recognize that this isn’t always an easy (or cheap!) journey. Depending on the size, layout, and age of your home, hefty (and sometimes expensive) renovations may be required to get it to where you want it to be. Even with cutting corners here and there, the money can quickly add up. However, there are small ways you can update your home on a budget.

From thrift-shopping and upcycling to DIY-ing your walls and surfaces, here are a few suggestions to create your dream home (without burning too big of a hole in your wallet):

1. Shop For Pre-Owned Items

Shopping in charity shops (like Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange), going on eBay, or joining local selling clubs can turn up some hidden gems that will look great in your home—for a fraction of the cost! Home décor items, such as throws and cushions, and even furniture, like dressers, cupboards, and cabinets, are all available in used condition.

Keep an eye out for what folks in your neighborhood are selling in their post-spring-clean clearance sales, and consider what new additions you can bring in. If you can’t find anything second-hand, look for a teakworks4u discount coupon or other clearance options to take some money off the price.

2. Upcycle

Many goods may be repurposed and upcycled to give them a new lease on life, which is quite rewarding. A fresh coat of paint, a reupholstery in a new fabric, or even something as simple as changing the handles and doorknobs be very effective and cheap.

When it comes to upcycling furniture, focus on high-quality (but cheap!) materials. You don’t need the ‘best of the best’ paint. There are more cost-effective options (often available from local high-street retailers) that can produce the same look. You can also go to YouTube to find some straightforward, step-by-step tutorials. It’s also important to note that the quality of your outcome will be determined by the amount of preparation work you put in—not necessarily the ‘fancy’ products you buy.

3. Focus On Intentional Accessories 

You can update your home on a budget by adding fresh, strategically placed accessories. Concentrate on making one object the main center piece of the room, and then use this to add complementary accessories to the rest of the space. For example, in a dining room, make the focal point a piece of handmade art, a wall calendar, or floating shelves. These staple items don’t have to be big or expensive—they just have to create the ‘wow factor’ that makes your home feel more upscale.

Also consider moving furniture around, too, for a varied look. Sometimes all your home really needs to feel more sophisticated is a change of style, feel, or pace.

4. Paint Or Highlight Certain Areas

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new vitality into any space. Perhaps you don’t want to completely redecorate the room in order to complement the new color scheme. Take into consideration using a color that complements the current furnishings or features in the room. Even simple changes to the paintwork can have a significant impact on how a room appears and feels.

You could also consider repainting/highlighting one wall to give the area life and dimension. Painting, creating a fake boxwood panel, or adding intentional artifacts can uplift your space (without being too heavy on the wallet).

Creating the home of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice money in the process. It is possible to update your home on a budget; you just have to be intentional, creative, and willing to DIY.


Featured Image Credit: Paul Hanaoka
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4 Ways To Update Your Home On A Budget
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