What Does ‘Being A Light’ Really Mean?

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We all hit rock bottom. Our minds are drained, hearts are crushed, bodies are weakened, and souls are jaded because of the downturns that caught us off guard and knocked us down. Just when you thought your story is over, there is something inside you glimmering – a light deep down your core, glowing so you could keep going and see that there is more to life that you have not discovered yet.

‘Being a light’ means embracing who you really are.

Each person is born and comes in different packaging and that is what makes everybody unique. Love and appreciate yourself on a regular basis because that love should come from you first.

You exist in this world not to live by what the society dictates or what people expect from you but for you to set goals and reach for your dreams. Soar high but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

‘Being a light’ means creating your own joys.

Whether watching your best-loved TV show or munching on your favorite snack, you deserve to fill your heart’s content. Your happiness does not depend on people, people who cannot seem to see your worth because you are too much for them. This may sound cliché already but there are millions of reasons to be happy about. Break free from the negativities around you and choose happiness, always.

‘Being a light’ means undying hope.

Roadblocks and bumpy roads ahead are inevitable but these challenges should not stop you from your journey. Ignite the fire in you and remain optimistic that you will surpass all the hurt and pain that try to steal the beauty of life from you. You may stumble and fall but you have to stand up and let your wounds heal as you remain hopeful that everything will be alright.

‘Being a light’ means welcoming new beginnings.

Leave the darkness in the past and be grateful for the lessons you have learned as they illuminate your way. Every single day is a chance to put one foot forward to feel the warmth of the sun in the morning and be in awe at the brilliance of the moon and stars at night. Hold on to your vision and be excited to write on the next chapters of your life.

‘Being a light’ means becoming an inspiration.

Use your God-given gifts to help people move forward in times of distress. Tell them that we all have different struggles that we need to overcome by countering them with prayers and perseverance. Encourage them to see situations with a silver lining because suffering is just a temporary moment.

So go, turn that small flicker of radiance in you into a shining light to brighten the world with faith, hope, and love in your own little way.

Even if people come and go, seasons change, and time passes, continue being a light to fulfill the purpose of your existence and make every day your day to live, learn, laugh, and love.

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What Does ‘Being A Light’ Really Mean?

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