As Time Continues, Where Will Our Love Be?

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In the midst of the internet ’10-Year Challenge’ I just want to ask you: where will our love be after ten years?

The choices we made to pursue our dreams and not stay together in the name of love, will that count after ten years? Are we going to settle then and fall in love once again? Complete our love story?

When I look into the future I imagine myself in your arms ten years ahead from now. I imagine that we are in love and have grown.

I want you to know that you are precious to me. I am there for you.

The thing that’s allowing you to fly and giving you total freedom was my way to show that love never becomes a barrier. But I also want you to know that after conquering and achieving, love is and should be the place you return to.

Ten years from now you can count on me to be your safe place, even if you fail or are struggling. I am there for you.

We could fall in love with many of people in these ten years, but you shall always remain my ultimate destination. And yes, you will always be.

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