I Am A Woman Of Grace

happy woman running fingers through her hair

I am a sparrow that flies by night
Because you said that my form is too shameful
to be seen in the light.

I am caught in the snare of the fowler by day,
trapped in a golden cage, for the sake of the Judge above.

But tell me, do I need to be ashamed of my fiery spirit
and the waters of eternity flowing through my soul?

Do I need to bow my head down and curse myself
again and again, in remorseful repentance
for simply being who I am?

I am a wild creature, a free bird that dares to dream
of wondrous things beyond the sky
but you were never pleased with my devotions
no matter how much I sacrificed to please you.

You only saw me as a beast
that needed to be kept bound by cords and whipped
into submission, because as a wild woman,
I am nothing but a beast, a threat to the wrathful God,
a sorceress, a temptress, a woman that must mold herself
into a perfect meek servant that obeys every command
and subdues the wild within her, to kill her inner self.

But tell me, do I need to hurt myself to please you?

Do I need to walk through the desert,
away from the healing streams of grace
and suffer through the scorching heat
when my loving God promises
to shower me with waters from the river of life,
regardless of what I do?

I cannot be the perfect woman who is silent
and attends to daily affairs with great severity
because I know I am a daughter of God,
not by my obedience or how much I whip myself and bleed,
but by His mercy and grace alone.

I am what I am, I am not righteous by what I do,
but I know my God is good,

I am a free bird, a beautifully wild creature,
a woman of grace.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Vehige

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I Am A Woman Of Grace

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