The Wonders Of A Good Heart

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People with good hearts are pleased with the happiness and success of others.

Whether you are given credit for a job well-done, promoted, or simply celebrating something, they sincerely congratulate you for all your ideas and achievements. They never get jealous or any ill feelings towards you, even when life favors you over them. For them, there is no room for competition because it will just attract negative vibes. You will be amazed how they are able to celebrate with you your victory as if it were their own, and will never run out of compliments for you.

People with good hearts prioritize others even if they have to set their needs aside.

They do not mind giving a large chunk of their time because they are gladdened in giving you company. Every time they lend a helping a hand, it leaves them with a good feeling and you can see it on their faces. When you need someone to listen to your rants, they will come running and never get tired of your stories. Even though at times you do not need them, they still sit by your side and offer their time.

People with good hearts enlighten you when you feel down.

Their words of encouragement will embrace you and wipe your confusion away. You look straight into their eyes and wonder how they are able to inspire you. In other words, they are like your personal cheerleaders, supporting you all the way until you surpass the challenges around you. They are a shoulder to lean on, especially when you need them the most, and even when they are also fighting their own struggles.

People with good hearts are undoubtedly loyal.

Their loyalty extends beyond words, translates in their actions, and transcends through time. Conditional friendships or relationships are not their thing. They do not expect anything in return. They are like a family, already by standing beside you through good times and bad times. They still stick around even if you push you them away and they never talk behind your back.

People with good hearts easily forgive those who hurt or betray them.

Hurting or betrayal forces other people to build walls around them or even retaliate but to them, none of this applies to bighearted people. After being upset, they slowly collect themselves and perform the art of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not easy, but they do not want to hold on to anger or bitterness.

So you, yes YOU, if you happen to have even at least one person with a good heart in your life, never ever take them for granted. Whether that person is a family member, a close friend, a co-worker, or someone who has just entered your life, treasure them because they are rare gems. Other people have to search far and wide to find one of these rare gems while one is already sparkling in front of your very eyes.

There is a reason behind their existence in your life that you should take note of. Do not get overwhelmed by their presence that you become blind to their importance. Do not wait to appreciate them for the day they are no longer around.

For people with good hearts, you know who you are. Do not think that you are foolish in putting so much effort to people to make them happy and feel loved. Do not think that you will end up at the losing end because of caring too much. Do not think that your time is wasted. No, never.

Your good heart is a gift from above that you should carry like a badge of honor. You inspire and uplift others. Embrace this gift wholeheartedly because you have it for a reason and it will bless you with wonderful things you never thought you’d have.

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The Wonders Of A Good Heart

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