You Are Amazingly Imperfect

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Every time we see ourselves in the mirror, we wish we could see perfection. We tend to conceal the roughness around the edges of our image just to get the approval of the people around us. But for all we know, the society that we live in is far more imperfect more than we think.

As human beings, we are fallible, but that shapes our growth towards reaching our goals and becoming the people we want to be.

Remember that you are amazing.

You can do wonders with your gifts in creating your own happiness and radiating it to inspire others. Your kindness is magnetic; you draw people close to you and share wonderful moments with them. Your passion and dreams are glowing, burning like fire.

Remember that you are loved.

You are not alone in this world. You have God, your family, and true friends. You are loved by people just the way you are even with your mistakes and the scars of your past. You deserve love, you always do.

Remember that you are blessed.

You are endowed with the gift of life. You are surrounded by people who see your value. You are showered with opportunities and possibilities you could ever imagine.

Remember that you are an inspiration.

You are growing into a better version of yourself as time passes by. You learn from your faults and you do not let them falter your successes. You are now making the right choices and walking towards the path you think will make you evolve and inspire people around you.

Remember that you are strong.

You have that shining courage deep inside your heart. Your weaknesses and cries do not define who you are. Your bad experiences are not the whole story of your life but a chapter that made you shine even brighter.

Remember that you are worth it.

You deserve someone’s time and love. You are not a second choice and should not have to be. You have given it all and it is not your loss but a proof of how genuine your heart is.

Remember to keep moving forward because even when the sky turns into a gloomy shroud at times, the sun will always shine and guide your way.

Hold on and you will see how purpose-filled your days will be. Moment by moment, everything will fall into place and all the aches in your heart will be replaced with nothing but greatness, happiness, and love.

So, let go of the things that weigh you down and embrace the day with a grateful and happy heart.

Allow yourself to progress with your flaws and failures because from there, you will grow, learn, and see how amazingly imperfect you are in this beautiful world.

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You Are Amazingly Imperfect

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