You Are More

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You are more than the skin and bones given to you. More than money and fame, more than your material possessions. More than the sum of your text messages.

You are more than the most beautiful places on Earth.

You are more than conditional love, more than your feelings and desires for a guy or girl. I say this because your personal journey will produce the people meant to depart from or stay in your life. That doesn’t mean you will completely forget the ones who aren’t around as much as they used to be. You will just learn to care from a distance. And that’s okay.

You are more than your home. In fact, dare I say you are your own home. Take care of it. Take care of you—your faith, your family, your friends and your disciplines.

Dig the deepest you can and find out what ignites your blood. It’s time to discover what energizes your bones and what makes you dance.

You are so much more than your social media accounts. They can absolutely be used for positivity, but I can’t express how much more you are than merely just your image and how others’ judgments of you. Your heart will tell you who you are.

Listen to the blood pumping in your veins. You have a soul inside you, begging for you to be yourself in every present moment.

You are more than the regrets of your fights and your damaged relationships. They are more than those pains, too. You are worth more than the ashes of your burnt bridges. In fact, there’s hope for those ashes—they are headed to the ocean, where those particles will join millions and quadrillions of others in a place that shows us we’re all part of a bigger story.

You are even more than your body, more than the color of your eyes, and more than the shape of your face. More than the sex you may have or may not have. Way more than your wardrobe and infinitely more than your physical desires.

You were placed here for a very specific reason—Not to neglect your life’s calling by doing something that does not resonate with your spirit.

Whether or not that’s a coincidence-based, religious, or non-spiritual idea, we know that we are finite humans and one day won’t be part of this world. Nevertheless, we do change this world every day we are alive. A simple breath of oxygen changes the world around you. Just walking around your neighborhood makes a dent in our universe—because you’re not just an object in this world. You can breathe, you can think thoughts, you can move around. You are literally a fire, burning no matter what way the wind blows or how hot or cold it is around you. Emotions seep in and out of our skin, absorbing everything in our path as we constantly look for truth to keep our fire burning.

Will you have to do things you don’t like to get to the things you love? Of course. I haven’t met someone that hasn’t gone through that. But guess what? You’re more than that struggle, too.

Are we lucky to be here? So scientifically lucky. Is life ever fair? Not really—It can be crushing. Failure is inevitable, much like needing water to survive. The great part about this is you are more than that failure. Because whatever put us here is spectacularly beyond us and our suffering.

For all of us, there is existentially more that is hunting us down. No matter how you got here, YOUR life is YOURS. Grab your torch and be a LIGHT to the world. Give to the world what it needs more of—YOU!


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You Are More

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