You Will Not Drown

girl smiling in blue water in Iceland

You try to cry out,

Your mouth opening and closing like the gills of a fish breathing in water for air.

But you are not a fish,

And so you drown.


Your body holds no importance here.

Your pleas are heard by only you.


The darkness pulls you in deeper as the current passes through your body.

So easy to move, you’ve become almost nothing at all.

Faster and harder it moves, with the promise of leaving no survivors in its wake.

You pray for it to pass,

Hoping someone will see that there is a girl, just a girl, lost beneath the waves.


But nobody is here to rescue you,

Nobody can hear your cries through the crashing of the current.

And so you silence yourself.

For what is the point of trying to break beyond the surface

when the surface will not break?


Underneath the water, clinging to what’s left of your existence, you wait.

You wait for the current to calm, the storm to pass and the pain to dissolve

inside of a mind not ready to accept the truth.


And then, as if it was all in your head, it ends.

So quickly you can’t truly comprehend it’s over.

The silence seems eerie after so much sound.

But it is not truly silent.

Not anymore.

Not ever again.


You will carry this storm with you, as the survivor you have now become.

You will wear a life vest, spending the rest of your days trying to stay afloat.

You will be stronger than the waves you could not control.
You will not drown.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Vehige

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You Will Not Drown

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